Profile: Fishing Guide Eric Olliverson

Fishing from an early age, Eric Olliverson now gets to share his passion with 417-landers.


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for Life

By Kaitlyn McConnell |

At only 30 years old, Eric Olliverson already has 27 years of job experience on the record. He began fishing when he was 3 years old, and it’s something that he knew he wanted to do for the rest of his life. “From the time I could speak, if somebody asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, it was always fishing,” says Olliverson.
Nine years ago, Olliverson began Eric’s Elite Guide Service (, 417-234-6097). As a guide, Olliverson gets to share his passion for fishing with others, with clients coming from every state, Canada and as far away as Japan. 
“Every day is a vacation,” Olliverson says. “I am doing what I love to do the most.”
Olliverson takes his guests out on Table Rock, Taneycomo and Bull Shoals lakes. He provides all rods and reels, boat gas and oil, all fishing equipment, ice, bottled water and of course, the life jackets. “Basically, when people want to go out on the lake, they just show up,” says Olliverson.
Interested, but don’t know the difference between a rod and reel? No worries. Olliverson works with people of all ages and skill levels, and has trip options to fit nearly every budget and schedule.

Q&A With Eric Olliverson

1. What is the job of a guide?
People will hire me to catch fish. People who have never tried it, or just like the outdoors and want to enjoy a nice day out on Taneycomo or Table Rock Lake.

2. Is there a family connection?
My grandfather was a guide for 50-some years at resorts down on the White River in Arkansas.

3. Who hires guide services?
Most of my clients are vacationers, but I get a ton of people from Springfield.

4. When is the “in” season for guiding?
I’m busy from about mid-February until almost Christmas.

5. What are most people looking for when they go fishing with you?
I get some people who want to target a specific species of fish. But most of them just say, ‘Eric, I want to catch some fish. I want to go out and enjoy the day. I’ll leave it up to you,’ and they’ll let me decided what their best option is.

6. What do people take away after a fishing trip with you?
My clients catch fish; I have a really good reputation. People who come fishing with me are going to catch fish, and they’re going to learn something.